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The Forgotten is currently recruiting all players for T1's and T2's. We are also 4/5 GSB and looking for Clerics and Warriors to possibly fill a few raids spots. Raid times are Tues./Wed./Thurs. from 6PM to 9PM server. If you are Raid Geared (see raid gear requirements below)  and are online during our raid times, and we need a replacement, you will be considered, with Clerics and Warriors having the highest priority. 2 Roles are required for raids, preferably a damage dealer and either a Support, a Tank, or a Healing Role. You will be recruited as an Initiate, and will have a 2 week trial period. After your two week trial period, you will then be promoted to either a Member or a Raider. Once a member is Raid Geared they are able to speak with an Officer and be considered for a raid position.

As stated before, we are currently only recruiting 2-3 members for a dedicated raid spot, with Warriors and Clerics taking priority. However, we are working towards a second raid group, one for East Coast members and one for West Coast members, and those who have the gear and have been members the longest will have top priority to fill this raid.

If you are interested in joining, please sign up for this website and fill out the application. If you have any additional questions, please send a whisper to one of The Forgotten officers in game. (Esrah, Moonlite, Spock)

*Raid Geared is considered a Minimum of 150 Hit/Focus and 550 DPS for damage dealers. 150 Hit/Focus and 150 Toughness for Tanks. And the ability to solo heal trash/most bosses of T2's for healers.
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Application is Up

viers002, Apr 10, 11 10:37 PM.
Applications are now available when you sign up to join <The Forgotten>. Current members of <The Forgotten> need not fill out application past your main character's name. We will respond to all applications in a timely manner.
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We are currently recruiting tanks for T1/T2 farming and end-game raiding. All other applications will be reviewed but tanks will be given greater consideration.
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